In the first movie, Betameche is nearly 300 Minimoy years. This would be the equivalent of 3 Human years.

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Minimoy YearsEdit

Minimoy Years is a difficult concept, and to figure it out it requires careful observation and calculations. Watch the calendar that Arthur's grandma uses, and calculate the days it takes for Arthur's adventure with the Minimoys.

Minimoy Years to Human TimeEdit

1 Minimoy Year is the equivalent to around 3.65 human days. This means 100 Minimoy years is equal to 1 human year.



Here are some calculations that I made regarding some people's ages in the Arthur and the Invisibles series:

These ages are calculated during the first movie, not the second one. I will try posting some calculations for the second and third movies soon.

Arthur: 10 years old, roughly 1000 Minimoy Years

Betameche: 299 1/2 Minimoy Years, roughly 3 years old

Maltazard: Unknown

Selenia: 999 1/2 Minimoy Years, roughly 10 years old


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