Betameche is the Prince of the Minimoys; however, he will not become King.


Elf-like, pointed ears
Small size (2 millimeters tall)

Well-known Minimoys

Arthur, Betameche, Princess Selenia, Maltazard Archibald Suchot

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Minimoys are the small elf-like creatures featured in the Arthur and the Invisibles series. They are distinguished by their small size (2 millimeters tall) and their elf-like ears.

The Minimoys supposedly came from Africa. However, Archibald Scott brought them back from Africa to live in his own backyard. They enjoyed peace until Maltazard, the Evil M, starting sending the Seides to wreak havoc amongst their village.

Some well-known Minimoys are ArthurBetamechePrincess Selenia, and Maltazard.

Traditions of the MinimoysEdit

The Minimoys have many traditions, some of which are mentioned in the movie.

One important tradition is the rule of royal succession. After the king and/or queen's child has reached the age of 1000 Minimoy Years, he (or she) is to rule in his (or her) parents' place. For example, after Princess Selenia reached 1000 years old, then she supposedly took the place of her father, Emperor Sirafat XV, in ruling the Minimoy kingdom.