The Evil M.

Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Minimoy
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Status Arrested
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Maltazard, also known as The Evil M., is an evil, corrupted Minimoy who wants to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. He claims his form is corrupted because of contamination from his conquests, but Minimoy history books prove otherwise. In Arthur 2+3, he tries to take over the human realm. He is very selfish, and his main goal is to rule the world. Darkos, his son, tries to stop him, and succeeds to a certain degree. He (Maltazard) is last seen being held captive under a glass cup in Archibald Suchot's house.

Random FactsEdit

  • According to the Minimoys, saying Maltazard's name brings bad luck.
  • Arthur

    Arthur is Maltazard's greatest threat.

    Arthur, shown to the right, is Maltazard's greatest threat.