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Ernest DavidoEdit

Ernest Davido is a greedy landowner. He wants to destroy Arthur's home in order to build apartment blocks and make more money. He is the true main antagonist of the first movie.


Ernest Davido does not show up often in the movie. He said if the Suchots do not pay him back and have
Archibald Suchot's signature before noon on August 2, then he will take their home. There are some deleted scenes that you can look up and it's quite cool what they came up with. I don't think they should have deleted it because it would have made the movie a little more interesting. Later, Archibald Suchot pays him in full with 1 ruby. 

Random FactsEdit

  • Arthur

    Ernest Davido threw down Arthur's new toy car his Grandma gave him.

    Ernest Davido kicked down Arthur's new toy car that his Grandma gave him for his birthday.
  • Ernest Davido envied Archibald Suchot's treasure and attempted to steal it from him (scene deleted in U.S. edition). He was stopped by the Bogo Matassalai and handed over to the local authorities.