Betameche, Prince of the Minimoys






Roughly 300 Minimoy Years (in 1st movie)
3 Human Years

Hair Color


Eye Color



Father - King of the Minimoys
Sister - Princess Selenia
Brother-In-Law - Arthur


Prince of the Minimoys


Arthur and the Invisibles
Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard
Arthur and the War of Two Worlds

Played By

Jimmy Fallon (1st Movie)

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Betameche is a Minimoy (or a mini-Minimoy, as he calls himself). His older sister, Princess Selenia, always picks fights with him. When Arthur asks permission to transport into the land of the Minimoys, Betameche is the one that allows him to. Betameche shows Arthur to the King, his father, but in the process interrupts his sister's important ceremony. When Selenia protests Betameche's actions, he replies, "Don't tell me you're the chosen one, I've heard that speech," and Selenia growls.

Betameche carries around his 300-function pocket-knife everywhere he goes, and it helps his team out greatly.

Betameche is nearly 300 years old in Minimoy Years; he is almost a grown-up. However, he is only 3 years old in human years. If he were to become a human, he would be a mere toddler. However, since he is almost considered an adult in Minimoy Years, one can conclude that Minimoys mature much more quickly than humans do.

Random FactsEdit

  • Betameche also goes by Beta. His real name is Simono Matradoy de Betameche.
  • Betameche's human birthday would be on August 4, the same day as Selenia's.